It is very revealing that it is not the high pH alkaline water that provides health benefits but the molecular hydrogen – but only if the ionizer electrodes are brand new or perfectly free of scale and you drink the water right away. Today, however, a dedicated hydrogen inhaler that also makes hydrogen water will provide much more medical hydrogen muscle that a water ionizer. Much more!

The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation says, “The hydrogen gas concentration from water ionizers various significantly from less than 0.05 ppm to over 2.5 ppm depending on source water, flow rate, design, and cleanliness of the electrodes. Importantly alkaline water ionizers were developed decades before it was known of the therapeutic importance of molecular hydrogen, thus these units were optimized for alkaline pH not high dissolved hydrogen concentration. Typically, at normal flow and normal source water the concentration of H2 from an alkaline water ionizer is around 0.1 ppm to 0.7 ppm. By running the water very slowly, these machines may increase the molecular hydrogen concentration.”

Now there are dedicated hydrogen water machines but as you might notice, for 3,000 dollars, they put out very little hydrogen. For fewer dollars one can get a dedicated hydrogen inhaler, which will allow one to safely flood the body with hydrogen. One can also get a hydrogen inhaler that also puts out oxygen.

For about two years have been experimenting with different molecular hydrogen products and have recently discovered the best, most convenient products that make getting higher dosages of molecular hydrogen in your water possible.

There have been many products that have put low amounts of hydrogen into one’s drinking water but none of them can come close to touching the power of inhaled hydrogen and hydrogen taken with the newest generation of tablets. Hydrogen gas inhalation machines will be one of the most important purchases one can make in terms of healing horsepower and some of them will even make your hydrogen water as they provide hydrogen and oxygen gas.