If you need help implementing Hydrogen therapy, you can consult with me freely via Skype. I can help decide which hydrogen inhaler is best for you, suggest time necessary daily spent breathing in hydrogen gás to receive desired results, and what other therapies would support and fill out hydrogen therapy.

How will this work?

The first step will be to get to know your health situation and your needs. For this, someone from my team will send you a patient´s intake questionnaire and you will fill it out and send it back with a recent picture of you attached.

When we schedule your consultation Dr. Sircus will have your information and will be prepared to answer your questions and discuss your case and how hydrogen can help you.

If you would like to book your FREE consultation, please send your email to my staff at support@drsircus.com and wait for them to contact you. They will then send you the patient´s intake information and your next steps.

If you have any questions contact my team at support@drsircus.com and they will make sure to answer to you or contact me for further information.

Dr. Mark Sircus