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HydroGenie® Molecular Hydrogen Generator


The HydroGenie® was designed from the ground-up to be the world’s most efficient Molecular Hydrogen generator.  This means you get maximum output for very little cost.

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Key Features

  • Ultra-Efficient Molecular Hydrogen Generator
  • 3 Modes of Gas Application:  Inhalation, Water Infusion/Ionization, Direct Application
  • High Quality 12 volt power supply (selectable 110v AC/60hz or 220v AC/50hz)
  • High Quality Digital Timer Switch with the following settings:  1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes
  • 2 Medical-Grade Gas Purifiers
  • Food-Grade Flexible Tubing
  • Medical-Grade Tubing Connectors
  • Water-Infusing/Ionizing Attachment
  • Cannulas for Inhalation
  • Soft, Flexible, Silicone External Spot Applicator
  • 6-foot extension hose for application
  • Packet of Electrolyte for highest efficiency and generator durability
  • Operation Manual and recommendations
  • Hand-Made in the USA with the Highest Quality materials
  • All Electrical and Electronic Components are UL Listed for your safety
  • 3 Year Warranty on Molecular Hydrogen Generator
  • 1 Year Warranty on Electronic Power Supply, Timer Switch and Cooling Fan

The HydroGenie® is designed for years of trouble-free service.  It can be used as much as 24/7/365 with the only maintenance required being the addition of water to the generator.

The HydroGenie® can be used worldwide with all power sources.  Simply change the power supply voltage (110/220) and use an adapter plug for the receptacle in the country where it is used.

The HydroGenie® delivers up to .7 Liters Per Minute of Mixed Gas – in the ratio of 66.66% Hydrogen and 33.33% Oxygen, which corresponds to the composition of water – H2O.  .463 Liters of Hydrogen and .233 Liters of Oxygen.

How the HydroGenie® works:

During Setup, distilled water is mixed in an electrolyte to form the electrolyte solution

The electrolyte is added to the generator

This mixing is only done the first time the generator is prepared for use

Direct Current electricity is then passed through the electrolyte, separating the Water into its components:  Hydrogen and Oxygen

The separated gases bubble up the clear tube and enter the two Gas Purifier Cups

The gases are now available for use with the medical-grade connectors and tubing

The HydroGenie® can be used in 3 modes:

Inhalation – The gas can be directly inhaled through a Cannula for rapid absorption through the Lungs – the body’s organ that is specifically made for gas transmission directly into the bloodstream

Infused/Ionized Water – The gas is bubbled through water with the Infuser attachment and water is ready in 10 minutes.  Higher pH, Low ORP with Dissolved Hydrogen and Oxygen available to the body through the Small Intestines

Direct Application – with either the provided silicone Spot Applicator, or placing the Extension Tubing into a plastic bag for applying to hands for Arthritis relief.  Put the Molecular Hydrogen wherever its needed – on the EXACT spot!


USA: $14.90 (3-4 days)
Rest of the world: As per destination (7-14 days)

Power Supply

12 volt (110v AC/60hz or 220v AC/50hz)

Additional Info

Additional information


H, H2, O, O2, H2O (as water vapor)

Application Method

Inhalation, Water Infusion/Ionization, Direct Application

H2 Concentration (in water)

1.2 ppm


900 ml/min


3 years

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