Vital Reaction™ 7% Inhaler


The Vital Reaction™ 7% Inhaler produces tasteless, odorless and non-toxic molecular hydrogen gas for inhalation via cannula.

Inhalation of hydrogen gas is most effective for blood, lungs, heart, eyes and brain due to molecular hydrogen’s ability to saturate arterial blood, penetrate the cell membrane and cross the blood-brain barrier. Recommended time: 30m.’


  • H₂ High pressure protection
  • Time & H₂ Output flow display
  • Drain valve and nozzle
  • Cooling pot

Clinical Model

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  • Output: 4000 ml/min
  • Gases: H2



Simply add distilled water to the top of the unit and add tap water to the cooling chamber to the right of the unit. Connect a nasal cannula to the top of the cooling chamber and place cannula in nose. Therapy time can be set to count up or count down for the desired duration.

There are no filters or replacements needed, just distilled water.


AC 120V | 60 Hz | 1.4A


6.6 pounds


11”h x 10”w x 6.7”d


USA: Free
Rest of World: Standard Rates as per weight & dimensions


12 months


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