Hydrogen and Oxygen Inhalation Machines that will Save Your Life

Hydrogen has a power, it is a force for life and its energies can be harnessed in the most dire medical situations.

Deep sea divers can survive at bone crushing depths by breathing hydrogen.

The same H2 that runs the sun can heal us of our afflictions. Everyone needs hydrogen! Hydrogen is the ultimate therapy against death, disease, sickness and everything else you can think of that is weighing us down. Smaller electromagnetically than an electron, hydrogen is able to leap tall buildings (cell walls) with a single bound.

A hydrogen therapy machine is the most important purchase one can make if one is desperate to return to health when nothing else has worked. Conditions will improve fast if Hydrogen and Oxygen are fed continuously.

Hydrogen, Inflammation and Pain

The cells that are repeatedly exposed to inflammatory mediators will have the genes that code for inflammatory response proteins switched on, and thus be in a constant state of inflammation. This leads to diseases and health conditions that are strongly linked to...

How to Identify the Best Hydrogen Generating Equipment

It is very revealing that it is not the high pH alkaline water that provides health benefits but the molecular hydrogen – but only if the ionizer electrodes are brand new or perfectly free of scale and you drink the water right away. Today, however, a dedicated...

The Very Best Hydrogen Products Money Can Buy

All Hydrogen Machines Will Work – Just Some Better than Others

Companies are offering discounts on most of these Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Machines. Discount codes are displayed on the product information page. You can always mention Dr. Sircus by name and ask for a 10 percent discount.

HydrOxy (Oxygen+Hydrogen) Inhalation Machines

Hydroxy is simply a gas mixture, just like air is, but constituted with different elements. Namely two part hydrogen for one oxygen, just as the proportion we find in water: H2O. Hydroxy gas is the result of the electrolysis of water, i.e. passing an electrical current through water. This is how most hydrogen infused water generators make their hydrogen.

This process breaks up water into its component atoms. Into two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom. Naturally these atoms immediately recombine to the more stable form, H2 and O2. However, like in lightening after a storm, or like in the creation of ozone and singlet oxygen, there is an energy charge and a small percentage of the gases that do not recombine immediately to H2 and O2. Meaning we have some highly excited hydrogen and oxygen atoms still flying around desperate to give their energies to you.

One way or another one has to deal with the Oxygen side of the equation. Oxygen is what burns the hydrogen and hydrogen is what makes oxygen safe because it calms oxidative stress. We believe these are the best option when seeking a good molecular hydrogen therapy system.

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

We found the best Hydrogen tabs that are exceptional in terms of hydrogen concentration.


The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and versatile hydrogen inhaler that will give you years of trouble free service and is loaded with safety features. The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance (just add pure water and clean it about once a year). This machine has safety certification, pressure relief, pressure control, variable output, etc., making it one of the best options.

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