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Hydrogen Technologies Inhaler


The Hydrogen Technologies inhaler is the Mercedes or BMW of the hydrogen inhalation machines. No other machine comes close to touching it in terms of durability, quietness, ease of use and ability to run 24/7 meaning all night long if needed.

The Hydrogen Technologies inhaler is the very best hydrogen machine on the market, putting others to shame regarding safety, quality, and ease of use. For two years, I used a Vital Reaction inhaler, their 6,000 dollar model. After recently receiving the Hydrogen Tech machine, I realized the pure hydrogen VR inhaler was just a plastic toy by comparison.

Use Dr Sircus’s name when inquiring with the company for a discount.



This Molecular Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators is the highest quality electrolysis machine on the market. Its patented generator design is made from stainless steel, which is used extensively throughout their machines. Their engineers believe that the use of plastics and polycarbonates may have a detrimental effect on the quality of the gas when used over long periods of time.  

Used as directed and maintained at the recommended service schedule, their machine is expected to last well beyond 10 years and can be run 24 hours a day. It outputs 66 percent hydrogen and 33 percent oxygen gas. At 400ml of hydrogen gas produced per minute, it is a high concentration per volume producing machine.

The Hydrogen Technologies machine also produces 200ml of oxygen per minute and its operating temperatures is kept to a very low 40 degrees Celsius. This is important as it keeps the production of water vapor to an absolute minimum which results not only in a higher quality of gas but extended running times without refilling.

The large, 15 plate electrolysis cell and tank capacities in the Hydrogen Technologies machine, allow for the efficient production of gas at a low electrical demand and low operating temperature. This allows the generator to produce a full 1800+ liters of gas per liter of water used. The cooler the machine can operate at, the higher the quality of the gas produced, and the increased life span of the generator and components within it.

When comparing inhalation models, it should be also noted that all the gas coming out of a machine is not consumed because a breathing cycle is generally 1 third inhalation, 1 third exhaled and a third rest. In this scenario, the intended receiver is only breathing in about 1 third of an inhalers gas mixture.


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