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Hydrogen Inhalation


Deep sea divers can survive at bone crushing depths by breathing hydrogen. The same H2 that runs the sun can heal us of our afflictions. Everyone needs hydrogen! Hydrogen is the ultimate therapy against death, disease, sickness and everything else you can think of that is weighing us down. Smaller electromagnetically than an electron, hydrogen is able to leap tall buildings (cell walls) with a single bound. 

Hydrogen inhalation devices are available worldwide and in the United States and are already in wide use in Japan and China. In Hydrogen for Surgery & ICU we saw a high-end hydrogen oxygen inhaler for surgery and intensive care that is under development that will go for thirty thousand dollars when approved by the FDA.

Hydrogen inhalation

Hydrogen inhalation is an important new therapy that delivers relief for many medical situations including surgery, tissue damage and cellular dysfunction, and diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Half a million sepsis patients, in America alone, could be saved if every Intensive Care Unit (ICU) installed hydrogen inhalers. Inhaling hydrogen can extinguish the most intense oxidative fires and inflammation. Molecular hydrogen is the perfect medical treatment for oxidative stress.

  1. 2 in 1, Hydrogen Inhaler Hydrogen Generator machine can provide both hydrogen and oxygen at the same time, good efficiency
  2. For the OLV-900A model, when inhale the H2 only, the H2 purity is 99.99%, when inhale the H2 and O2 mixed, the H2 purity is 66%, O2 purity is 33.3%
  3. Comes with goggles to treat the eyes and ear attachments to treat the ears
  4. 1 year warranty
  5. Full accessories,suitable for many parts of the body, multiple functions
  6. Anti-inflammatory, adjuvant therapy for cancer patients, improve quality of life
  7. Medical grade pure titanium electrolytic cell
  8. The alarm system prolongs the life of machine
  9. Preset using time, and sleep function, guaranteed better sleep at night
  10. Super quiet, less than 40db
  11. Large screen, large font, easy for old people to use
  12. Shipped worldwide, free freight, making this the best buy, easiest to use combined hydrogen and oxygen inhalation therapy machine. Just add distilled water. No chemicals needed!
  13. Just $3,200 $2,600 SAVE $600 BUY NOW

Best Buy On

Hydrogen and Oxygen Inhalation

$3,500   $6,800    Save $3,300

3000ml large flow rate hydrogen oxygen generator features:

  1.  ​Three flow rates of 3000ml/min, 2250ml/min, and 1500ml/min are adjustable to meet different scenarios and needs.
  2. Uses PEM hydrogen production technology and import USA DuPont N117 proton membrane.

The team of Xu Kecheng, a Chinese cancer expert, has always recommended that cancer or severely ill patients use a 3000ml hydrogen and oxygen machine. After over 2 years, they obtained research data from more than 5,000 hydrogen inhalation patients who used low-flow hydrogen and oxygen machines. Comparing the patient experience with the 3000ML hydrogen and oxygen machine, the effect achieved by the large-flow hydrogen and oxygen machine is completely unmatched by the low-flow hydrogen machine.

Some machines with half the power cost almost three times as much. Instead of 9 thousand, you can have this unit delivered to your door for only 3600 dollars. Considering freight, that is only 900 dollars more than the lowest price hydrogen machines on the market. If you go to my Hydrogen Products site you will see a 1.5-liter machine for 3400 dollars and a 3-liter machine for 4,400 so this machine is an excellent buy offering the highest technology for the lowest price.


Dr. Wellness 3000ml hydrogen oxygen inhalation does things no other machine has like automatically adding/draining water, eliminating the trouble of manually adding water, which is amazing for the elderly and clinical and hospital use. It is perfect for two people to inhale hydrogen at the same time. It also has 16 different adjustable flow rates to meet the needs of different people, one machine for the whole family to share. Also, it has an oversized 4L capacity water tank, and adopts new upgraded technology and a new anti-bacterial clean+UV disinfection system, meaning it says goodbye to the trouble of changing water. Though 500 dollars more than the above machine, at 3,900 dollars (including freight) it beats out lower output machines (see below) that are priced at 7,495 (discounted from 8,500) and an equal flow rate of 3000ml machine priced at 11,950.

  1. Cancer Pain Relief and Tumor Inhibition: Inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen mixture improves cancer pain, sleep apnea, quality of life, and reduces chemotherapy side effects.

  2. Antioxidant Properties in Healthcare: Hydrogen's small molecular size enables it to prevent liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, osteoporosis, and atherosclerosis.

  3. Enhanced Sleep Quality: Inhaling hydrogen and oxygen mixture balances nervous system activity, alleviates stress, and significantly improves insomnia.

  4. Effective for Allergic Rhinitis: Hydrogen and oxygen inhalation swiftly relieves symptoms like nasal itching, sneezing, and secretions in allergic rhinitis patients.

  5. Respiratory Disease Symptom Improvement: Hydrogen-oxygen mixture reduces symptoms like cough, sputum, and dyspnea, lowering hospitalization days and enhancing blood oxygen saturation.

  6. Selective Antioxidant Effect: Hydrogen selectively scavenges harmful hydroxyl radicals, offering potent antioxidant benefits.

  7. Just $7,000 $3,999 SAVE $3,001 BUY NOW

Introducing the Dr. Wellness Hydrogen Inhalation/H2 Gas Inhaler – Revolutionizing Your Health and Well-being!

Unlock the future of wellness with our cutting-edge device, the Dr. Wellness Hydrogen Inhalation/H2 Gas Inhaler. Packed with advanced features and engineered for safety and efficiency, this inhaler is your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life.


1. Superior Membrane Technology
2. Medical-Grade Electrolyzer
3. Durable Aluminum Alloy Shell
4. Intuitive Touch Screen
5. Automatic Detection and Alarm Functions
6. Compact and Portable Design
7. Child Lock Function
8. User-Friendly Operation
9. Improved Sleep Quality
10. Respiratory Health
11. Support for Cancer Patients

The Hi-Tech Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler Pro is a full-featured molecular hydrogen and oxyhydrogen generator and also allows you to make hydrogen-rich water. It produces up to 600 milliliters per minute of 99.99% pure hydrogen gas. The H2+O2 model additionally provides 300 milliliters per minute of oxygen.

These hydrogen and oxyhydrogen inhalation machines have ISO, water quality and CE certifications. They are the best choice for any home or clinic as they offer clinical-level hydrogen and oxyhydrogen dosages with fine control and advanced technology built to last long and require minimum maintenance.

Shipped worldwide, free freight.

Hi-Tech H2+O2 3000

US$ 4,899.00 US$ 4,399.00

The Hi-Tech H2+O2 3000 is a full-featured molecular hydrogen and oxyhydrogen (H2/O2) generator and also allows you to make hydrogen-rich water. It produces up to 2000 milliliters per minute (ml/min) of 99.99% pure hydrogen gas. The H2+O2 mode additionally provides 1000 ml/min of oxygen for a combined output of 3000 ml/min of hydrogen and oxygen together.

These hydrogen and oxyhydrogen inhalation machines have ISO, water quality and CE certifications. They are a great choice for any home or clinic as they offer clinical-level hydrogen and oxyhydrogen dosages with fine control and advanced technology built to last long and require minimum maintenance.

Hydrogen Technologies Inhaler

The Hydrogen Technologies inhaler is the Mercedes or BMW of the hydrogen inhalation machines. No other machine comes close to touching it in terms of durability, quietness, ease of use and ability to run 24/7 meaning all night long if needed.

This Molecular Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators is the highest quality electrolysis machine on the market. Its patented generator design is made from stainless steel, which is used extensively throughout their machines. Their engineers believe that the use of plastics and polycarbonates may have a detrimental effect on the quality of the gas when used over long periods of time.  

Used as directed and maintained at the recommended service schedule, their machine is expected to last well beyond 10 years and can be run 24 hours a day. It outputs 66 percent hydrogen and 33 percent oxygen gas. At 400ml of hydrogen gas produced per minute, it is a high concentration per volume producing machine.

The Hydrogen Technologies machine also produces 200ml of oxygen per minute and its operating temperatures is kept to a very low 40 degrees Celsius. This is important as it keeps the production of water vapor to an absolute minimum which results not only in a higher quality of gas but extended running times without refilling.

The large, 15 plate electrolysis cell and tank capacities in the Hydrogen Technologies machine, allow for the efficient production of gas at a low electrical demand and low operating temperature. This allows the generator to produce a full 1800+ liters of gas per liter of water used. The cooler the machine can operate at, the higher the quality of the gas produced, and the increased life span of the generator and components within it.

When comparing inhalation models, it should be also noted that all the gas coming out of a machine is not consumed because a breathing cycle is generally 1 third inhalation, 1 third exhaled and a third rest. In this scenario, the intended receiver is only breathing in about 1 third of an inhalers gas mixture. Retail Price 7,495 dollars. Use Dr Sircus's name when inquiring with the company for a discount.

The Hydrogen Technologies inhaler is the very best hydrogen machine on the market, putting others to shame regarding safety, quality, and ease of use. For two years, I used a Vital Reaction inhaler, their 6,000 dollar model. After recently receiving the Hydrogen Tech machine, I realized the pure hydrogen VR inhaler was just a plastic toy by comparison.

H2Impact Machine

  Introducing the H2 Impact Machine, a revolutionary molecular hydrogen generator designed for maximum performance, safety, and convenience. Experience the best in hydrogen therapy with up to 1,200 ml per minute of gas output, outperforming competitors by delivering up to 50% more gas.
  The H2 Impact is safe to use overnight, ensuring maximum hydrogen availability to your entire body. This state-of-the-art molecular hydrogen generator offers unrivaled value for your health and well-being.
Setting up the H2 Impact couldn't be easier. In just three minutes and with no tools required, you'll have your machine ready to deliver true Brown's Gas on-demand. With a user-friendly design and no unnecessary sensors to fail, the H2 Impact ensures hassle-free operation and easy maintenance. The sight tube allows for accurate water level discernment, and true deep cleaning keeps your machine running at peak performance.
  All accessories are included for inhalation, infusion of your favorite beverages, as well as for direct application. Optional accessories, such as eye goggles and bath infusers, are also available. We are committed to you getting the most out of your H2 Impact and offer live phone support to answer any questions and assist you in any way. Use coupon code DRSIRCUS for free shipping!


AquaCure Machine

The AquaCure is a practical, economical, reliable and versatile hydrogen inhaler that will give you years of trouble free service and is loaded with safety features. The AquaCure can be used continuously with minimal maintenance (just add pure water and clean it about once a year). This machine has adjustable frequency and output gas generation, making it one of the best options if you’re looking to own a HydrOxy Inhalation machine. It produces hydrogen rich water and HHO or Brown's gas for inhalation at the same time.

The first two months on hydrogen inhalation I sat working on my computer breathing hydrogen and oxygen gases with my American made AquaCure, which is the oldest manufacturer of hydrogen inhaling machines in the world. I loved it and certainly got a good kick upward in terms of my health, so it is what I recommend for those not able to afford a top of the line hydrogen inhaler. Retail price is 2,499 dollars. Use Dr Sircus's name when inquiring with the company for a discount. (Use DRSIRCUS20 buy code for 5% Discount)

hydro qube qb5

The Hydrogen Technologies “Hydroqube” series (affectionately known as the “QB” series), is now available and is focused around the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology of which we have put our own style and engineering excellence standards on.

The machine produces a mixed atomic count of 66.6% hydrogen and 33.3% oxygen gas by splitting the water molecules of distilled or demineralised water. Retail price is 4,995 dollars. Use Dr Sircus's name when inquiring with the company for a discount.

Helping you get started

If you need help implementing Hydrogen therapy, you can consult with Dr. Sircus via Skype. He can help you decide which hydrogen inhaler is best for you (at the best possible price), suggest time necessary spent breathing hydrogen gas to receive desired results, and what other therapies would support and fill out hydrogen therapy. 

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